Currently in Italy there is a very large variety of types of James. Jams are, in fact, considered an unavoidable product during Italian breakfasts or snacks and are a high-energy food because they contain sugars, vitamins, nutrients, potassium, mineral and salts. They are also easier to digest than fresh fruits because they correct the acidity of the stomach and help heal from liver problems.


Back in 1982 the Visini brothers, owners of a fruit farm in the heart of the Italian Alps, had an abundant crop of blueberries, blackberries and raspberries. They hit on the idea of extending their traditional activity of selling fresh fruit to making jams and preserves out of their genuine produce. The Visini brothers had one thing on their mind: that the fruit content into the jars had to be higher than sugar one, obviously, without compromising the perfect conservation of the product.

During the 1990s the quality of Vis jams has conquered the Italian market, entering for the first time some supermarket chains in of Northern of Italy. This was the moment of the second twist: in order to satisfy the increasing demand, it was necessary, in 1994, a first enlargement of structure and plants. During 2004 Vis has made a new enlargement in the production and storage area; this has allowed to reach the capability of 28.000 jars produced in a day. On 19 September 2007 Vis opens its online shop, that is dedicated to all people who want to discover all the products of Vis assortment or simply love to do shopping from home.

We bring over all tables only genuine and healthy products, realized with simple and natural ingredients, that combine the pleasure for the palate to the principles of a balanced and correct nutrition

Giorgio Visini becomes the new CEO of Vis. Born in class 1973, graduated in Law and with a Master Business Administration at Bocconi University, Giorgio succeeds his father Guido (founder of the company).

In 2009, Vis is one of the 10 companies selected as Champions of the Dinameeting Project for the disclosure of company innovation in the information technology global market. Vis project, called “web-marketing as an instrument to obtain the consumer’s loyalty”, was about the online promotion and selling. In 2013, Vis has received the reward of local social responsibility by the chamber of commerce of Sondrio for its contribute to the growth of the economic, social, cultural and environmental wellness.