In Italy there is an ancient and historical bakery tradition, with each region having its own different specialty. In Italy, master bakers combine basic ingredients as flour, yeast, salt and water to create a large variety of different bread products.


In 1999 brothers Soffritti started their activity in an artisan bakery in Ferrara, where they specialized in the production of bread and bakery products. In a few years the activity grew up until they managed to enter into the Department Store distribution . In 2001 the activity moved into a new site: here, the brothers founded Solo Cose Buone. The strategy adopted for the production, which still includes manual skills in addition to the original production techniques under the careful supervision of experienced bakers, showed immediately very positive results, therefore an enlargement became necessary.

Solo Cose Buone wants to offer to its consumers a product which tastes good and to this purpose the company has chosen not to use artificial preservatives, colors or chemical additives, furthermore, all of our products are GMO and Palm Oil free. Thanks to this choice Solo Cose Buone stands out from its competitors.

What characterizes Solo Cose Buone is the careful research of selected raw materials in order to guarantee an high quality product to their consumers.

The strong focus on quality concerns and involves the entire production chain, to guarantee a complete traceability of every single product.

Besides their steadily growing presence in the Italian market, in the retail chain market, for what concerns the foreign market, they are present in Germany, France, Spain and in the North of Europe, and they are opening up to the English market, as well as the US, the Canadian and the Asiatic markets. Both in Italy and abroad they work with our own label and private ones.