Agriculture is the oldest activity in human history and is still the main activity of Sicilians today. The main crops are those of wheat, other cereals, citrus fruits, olives, and fruit trees, legumes and vegetables. Sicily contains a selection of unique flavors, based on the freshness of local products, that create dishes that preserve the authentic tastes of Sicily.



Morato was born in 1970 in a small workshop in Vicenza, where Luigi starts to knead water, flour and… many ideas. He bakes a new concept of bread for everyone: it must be practical, tasty and innovative in the format. Something everyday and familiar, a must on Italy’s tables. The love Luigi Morato put in his work took him to bring out the first great ideas for large-scale retailers, like Bruschelle and Spuntinelle. Thanks to these commercial successes, the company is able to expand on a national scale in 1989. To bring out big results, you need big spaces. That is why Morato chooses to move to Altavilla Vicentina, where the production department still thrives today.

Bread, love and ideas. Our way of thinking.

The quality in Morato’s bread making processes is acknowledged and met with important certifications that validate a high standard production.

Thanks to the special eye Morato keeps on its little costumers, in 2001 Nuvolatte is born. Delicious milk buns, ideal as a kids’ snack. In 2003, Morato goes overseas with its first international product line, by introducing the “American Sandwich” loaf. The Morato family grows bigger in 2009 with the acquisition of “Pan d’Este”: crunchy and delicious breadsticks and crostini. Morato reinvents itself with “Morato Pane e Idee”. Brand new logo, packaging and website to communicate the evolution with many delicious “ideas” made of bread, that find their way on Italian tables. Every Morato Pane product contains over 40 years of experience in the bakery world. The secret ingredients? Flour, water but also creativity, innovation, care and passion for making good bread.