Agriculture is the oldest activity in human history and is still the main activity of Sicilians today. The main crops are those of wheat, other cereals, citrus fruits, olives, and fruit trees, legumes and vegetables. Sicily contains a selection of unique flavors, based on the freshness of local products, that create dishes that preserve the authentic tastes of Sicily.


Industrie Montali was created in 1910 as a tomato concentrate processing company, which at the time was packaged directly in jars. Tomato processing, however, was a seasonal operation and over other processing lines were also developed (grapes, legumes, fruit). But the Montali family realized that they were tomato processors at heart, and abandoned the other productions to make tomato the main ingredient in their products.

They worked to pass the flavors of traditional Emilian cuisine, a jewel of fine Italian eating, from the housewife’s pot to industrial processing plants. The evolution of tastes in its 100 years of business has been interpreted by the “cooks” of Industrie Montali with creations like refined Italian sauces for pasta, sauces for appetizers and salad dressings in addition to the conventional derivatives of tomato paste.

We promote the Emilia region’s traditions following modern market needs and innovations, we guarantee complete hygienic conditions, we maintain high product quality and we enjoy complete customer satisfaction

Since 1910, Montali Industries has been focusing its attention on creating high-quality products designed to meet the needs of different consumer groups.

Industrie Montali has an ever-watchful eye on the continuously moving market, posing new targets on itself every day.
– study consumers’ needs, looking to satisfy their every request.
– assess customer satisfaction and act on the findings to make continuous improvements.
– guarantee the total absence of preservatives, colorants and antioxidants in our products.
– train our staff and support continuous progress.