In the Naturalis Historia, Pliny the Younger speaks for the first time about the production of wine from red grapes, in the high hills south of Rome, where the rich roman settlers were working on beautiful vineyards. The Cesanese is the only great native red vine of Lazio; it’s difficult and laborious to grow, produces black-blue-purple grapes, is sensitive to diseases and has a late maturing.


Two young brothers, a large farmhouse, the vineyard handed down by their grandfather, the desire to combine a past rich in traditions and the present where their individual skills have made their way. This is how Andrea and Francesca decided to join forces in the realization of a project that allows them to give new value to an important place, built with care, attention and love by their parents.

Today Andrea with his friend Simone, under Francesca’s watchful eye, carry forward the dream of transmitting the knowledge of an unique territory, on the border between the roman countryside and the Ciociaria region. The young producers of Le Cerquette, courageously embracing the organic viticulture, try with their enthusiasm and continuous experimentation to produce a Cesanese that respects the canons of natural wines and respects the oenological heritage of the past, with a careful look at the future.

Through tastings and visits in the vineyard the producers are able to make their guests live sensory experiences that tell the story of aromas and flavors not only of their wine but of an entire territory.

The winery is located on a cultivated hill about 350 m above sea level, near Olevano Romano, in one of the roman countryside areas with the greatest wine-growing tradition.

Thanks to the care for the higher quality of the italian wine production in recent years, italian products are slowly conquering international markets, with particular interest from the United States. And it is the United States, the market that absorbs a large slice of Italian wine production, that demonstrates curiosity towards lesser-known wines with which enter a market saturated by the classic brands and the wines from California. In this context, the Cesanese has all the necessary characteristics to be a successful wine to sell in the USA.